Videography Reel

2015 Videography Reel

Lauren Conrad Wants to Save the Sea Turtles

Fishing gear designed to capture some of our favorite fish is threatening sea turtle survival. 

In June 2015, Lauren Conrad and Oceana traveled to the Rancho Nuevo Sea Turtle Sanctuary in Mexico where the world's most endangered species, Kemp's Ridley sea turtles, come to nest on its beaches. With help from the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), Conrad and Oceana patrolled the beaches and released hatchlings into the Gulf of Mexico where their life begins.

Visuals and editing by Melissa Forsyth


The Problem with Poke

Poke, a dish made from raw tuna, is enjoying huge popularity far beyond its native Hawaii. But where is all that fish coming from? It turns out that tracking down the source of that tasty yellowfin or bigeye can be a hard task — and that raises some major sustainability concerns.

Vegan Sushi

One chef in Portland, Oregon is challenging the idea that sushi has to mean seafood. 

Produced and edited by Melissa Forsyth. 

Kate Mara Oceana PSA

Actress Kate Mara ("House of Cards") has always been passionate about the oceans and wildlife. Now she's putting her passion to work alongside Oceana to get drift gillnets out of the water. These nets entangle and kill thousands of other non-targeted marine animals each year, including whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Watch Kate's powerful call to action.

Visuals and editing by Melissa Forsyth

"Battle to Breathe"

Coal fired power plants have been known to emit some nasty air pollutants which can affect the nearby residents.

Kris Husted met one Virginia woman who decided to take action against a nearby plant which was emitting levels higher than EPA standards.

Visuals and editing by Melissa Forsyth.

The Small Fish Leading Peru's Economy

What's the world's largest commercial fishery? No, it's not tuna or salmon — it's the unassuming Peruvian anchovy. In this video, learn how this tiny fish supports hundreds of other species and a giant fishing industry. But a changing climate means that it's more important than ever to use science to help these amazing little anchovies.

Visuals and editing by Melissa Forsyth


"Ballooner" follows Maria Chieruzzi, a hot air balloon pilot. By Melissa Forsyth, ©2011


Chu Chay is a member of the Black H'mong ethnic tribe in northern Vietnam. The H'mong earn a living by selling handicrafts to the tourists that now flock to the northern region of Sapa. By Melissa Forsyth, ©2011